Omg this is real, tinder boys are the worst of the worst. I literally told this guy to fuck off 3 times, plus saying that I wanted nothing to do with him/stop talking to me in pretty much every message I sent. Jfc this is why I hate men

omg so i have this research paper that is due before school starts on wednesday. and i have like 9 pages done (it’s a 10 page requirement) but i still have to write the intro and conclusion and finish hella citations and a couple paragraphs in the middle but i’m just so tired and headachey and so fucking sick of working on this paper. i feel like it’s getting worse the more i work on it. and i still have to finish a different paper by wednesday too. I just don’t know what to do i am getting stuck because i’m such a procrastinating perfectionist and i don’t want to turn in a shitty paper but i have to turn something in.. like UGH i’m so worried i worked my ass off spring quarter so i really hope that i get As in these 2 classes but i think it depends on how i do on these papers so that’s not good. fuck. i don’t even get a nice “end of summer” thing because i’ve been working on these papers so it’s like school started for me weeks ago. but then i also have school actually starting in a couple days and i’m just not fuckin ready for it my head hurts. i’m afraid i’m gonna start getting migraines again from all the research and stress. AHHH fuck i really just want to give up but i can’t.